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“The Good News Vlogger” [ #TheGoodNewsVlogger ] Craig METROWICH has already created more than 200 GOOD NEWS live VLOGS, which are shared via Social Media platforms and this site.

All GOOD NEWS presented by Craig METROWICH is done with the intention to: “INSPIRE YOU, ENERGIZE YOU, MOTIVATE YOU and to BOOST your overall OPTIMISM.”

TOGETHER, we will make a MEANINGFUL & POSITIVE impact on our WORLD.

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www.Celebrities1.TV was originally created by Craig Metrowich, so as to EXCLUSIVELY focus on the creation of “Local is Lekker” GOOD NEWS.

“The Good News Vlogger” website [ ] will be the primary site for bringing all this GOOD NEWS content together.

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The Good News Vlogger

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The Good News Vlogger [ #TheGoodNewsVlogger ] shares INSPIRATIONAL live vlogs [ #TruthMattersExposed ] with YOU, so as to INSPIRE, ENERGIZE and MOTIVATE you.